Power Backup

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Our school belongs to rural area in Maharashtra. That's why the electricity is most of the time not working properly.
We face several times a day power cut offs. If electricity has gone off, any official work can not be done on a computer. Even preparations for lessons via internet can not be done. Print-outs are not possible and the ventilation is not working. This reduces our ability drastically to teach the kids in the best way we can.

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Option 1: direct payPal Transfer

To avoid seller fees on payPal you can privately send Money to the following payPal account:

paypal.me/ibiri (e.g. for German transfers to German IBIRI g.e.V. - 6% charges Paypal)

paypal.me/thwiemann (direct transfer for friends and family - no charges from Paypal)

Option 2: transfer to bank account

Name : Siddheshwar Shikshan Sanstha
Account No : 098505002191
Branch : Baner
Bank Name – ICICI Bank

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You can transfer to: 9960803037 or use the following barcode.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible in India.

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