New storage system

We know, it is challenging to sort the things in places like ours in rural areas. Thanks to your donations we therefore implemented a system which took it’s ideas from what the village people already know from daily life. Usage of boxes is simple and easy to maintain.

Thanks to all donors!

Power Backup

For the last months we where facing power cut offs several times a day. Then all electronic devices suddenly broke down. The students could not be teached in computer lessons and the teachers were not able to do any administrativ work without interruption. So work was quite ineffective.
From a donation we where able to buy a power backup, which was installed in April 2018. Now we can work constantly with all technological support, which is needed at school. Is there any power cut off nowadays, the power converter will catch up and still provide electricity.

Our new water purifier

By the Beckhoff institute our school got one water purifier for clean water for the school children.
Because of impure water our school children were always ill.
When a member of Beckhoff institute, Mr. Ajay Phatak visited our school, he realised, that there is a lack of pure water supply to all children. Therefore they decided to donate to our school for a water purifier .
In this way our problem of pure water supply was solved by the Beckhoff Institute.
The whole school and especially the students are very grateful to the Beckoff Institute.