Article posted on results of the management support by the volunteers

Sonja and Thomas Wiemann posted an article on the results of the management support during the last half year including lessons learned and possible improvements. It is a detailled view on Indian education system with special focus on Maharashtra. You find this article under this link:

Challenges for Indian education in rural places in Maharashtra – a view from outside

The full abstract of the article you can already find here:

Despite much progress on fighting illiteracy the Indian education system in Maharashtra is facing a lot of challenges. Especially the NGO driven schools need to not only handle social, but also economical and government obstacles. Even with all the effort spent by many dedicated trustees these schools can barely achieve their target of providing quality education for the poorest. The students who leave these schools will only have few more chances to jump over social barriers than students from government schools. This situation cannot be satisfying, neither for students, NGO trustees nor the state of Maharashtra. 

This article is an outside view from my wife and myself as we spent half year as management consultants for one of these schools dealing with challenges and their possible solutions. This view is subjective as it is based on experiences we made in Maharashtra ourselves and discussions with many friends throughout India.

Challenges are significant, like the legal barriers for donations from abroad or the social dependencies of the schools from the communities which are the NGOs targeted scope.

Like all other business it starts and ends with good management – locally at the school and remotely on the trustee level. All other solutions for the obstacles are dependent on sufficient management support. They are not easy to implement, but not impossible either. This article describes some of them.

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