End of Volunteering

For the last 5 month we have been volunteering the management at Dnyanankur English Medium School in Alegaon (Maharashtra). It was a challenging but great time for us. We learned a lot about live and traditions in India, especially at rural area and enjoyed staying with our hosting family in a farmhouse nearby. They were grateful and did care for us all the time. Actually we have found a “new family” and will surely come back.
During our stay there, we were able to get a short look into the educational system in India. Even though the fight against illiteracy shows a good progress, it still needs to be done a lot.
We are proud of all the effort, which has been and still will be done by the founder of the Dnyanankur English Medium School, Sahebrao Bapusaheb Babar and his family. Thanks that we could join you.

What have we achieved?

  1. Time management based salary payment for financial stability of the NGO
  2. Stabilise financial management.
  3. Storage system for teaching aids and school material
  4. Installation of 10 ceiling fans in classrooms
  5. Introduction of new technology (Google drive, youtube, beamer) to teachers as a part of teaching aids
  6. Installation of a small computer lab (3 computer)
  7. Improving the english knowledge of the teachers
  8. Preparing and installing 10 soft-boards for better usage of teaching aids in the classrooms
  9. Building up a little roof covered terrace outside for functions or lunchtime in rainy season
  10. Creating a new website for Dnyanankur English Medium School
  11. Setting up a donation system according to the website
  12. Installation of a power back up to avoid the regular power cut offs

Thanks to all, who supported us. Special thanks to the whole village Alegaon for letting us deep dive into its all day routine with functions and celebrations.

Of course we are very grateful to all the teachers and to the family we stayed with.

We definitely come back!

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